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Rights of Way in Penwith

  • There are surprisingly nearly 500 miles of Definitive Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways in Penwith
  • A large number are blocked overgrown or do not connect to a road or other Right of Way.
  • There are a large number of other paths that are walked and ridden that are not designated as footpaths, bridleways or byways. See Other Paths
  • Most of us rely on these 'unrecorded' rights of way and some specifically permissive paths to a larger or lesser extent for our day to day walking,riding and cycling in the countryside. See Rights of Way
Public paths in Penwith

Bridleways - 72 miles

( 116km)

Byways - 27 miles

(43 km)


Footpaths - 391 miles

(633 km)