Chun Quoit

Location; Grid Ref: SW 400 339 The Quoit can be reached via Chun Castle from a small parking area next to Trehyllys Farm (SW 408 336).


It can also be reached from a car park at Woon Gumpus (SW 393 333). From the car park head across the moor and the Quoit can be seen on the sky line.

Please also visit the adjacent Chun Castle


Chun Quoit stands in an isolated location on the moors inland from the Village of Pendeen. The Quoit’s name comes from the Cornish ‘Chy-an-Woone’ meaning House on The Downs. It was thought to have previously been surrounded by a stone barrow that could have reached as high as the Capstone on top. The Quoit is thought to have been in its position for 5000 years!